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Functions in Computer Mouse

Functions in Computer Mouse

If you have a computer, would you already know what it is Mouse. Not the rat who likes to roam the waterways. Mouse is a tool used to enter data into a computer other than the keyboard. Mouse shaped like a rat in English so that this device called a mouse.

Mouse was first made in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart made from wood with a single button. The second model is equipped with 3 buttons. In 1970, Douglas Engelbart introduced the mouse that can determine the position of XY on the computer screen, Mouse is known as the XY Position Indicator.

The most common forms of Mouse has two buttons, each one at top left and top right that can be pressed. However, computer-based Macintosh computers typically use one-button mouse.

Functions in Computer Mouse is working with motion capture using the ball hard and flat surface. The more modern mouse is not using the ball again, but using an optical beam to detect motion. In addition, some are already using wireless technology, both based radio, infrared rays, as well as bluetooth.

Currently, the latest technology has allowed the Mouse uses a laser system so that the resolution can be up to 2,000 dots per inch (dpi), one can even reach 4800 points per inch. Usually this kind of mouse is for fans of video games

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